Monday Maisieness – March 15, 2021 Edition

OK, this likely won’t be a regular feature such as I do on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays…but who knows? Anyway, I took a few head shots of my gurl (= cur + girl) this morning, and wanted to share them. With this collage I am pasting her bio from an online site where she has a page. And then just a few other recent pics. Just because she’s the best and I want the world to know it!

β€œShe lives and travels with us full-time in our motorhome, and has been trained as my assistance dog. Absolutely brilliant at it too, her problem solving skills amaze me constantly, as well as her ability to learn a new behavior within only 3-4 repetitions or even create a new behavior on her own to manage one of my needs. Always by my side. Always ready to cuddle or to play. My teammate through each day, and my heart, she does it all, and with an abundance of love.”

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