24 Hours In The Life…7/31-8/1/2020

Do you see what I see, at the “trot through” lane of the bank?

Ever proud to have served in law enforcement with the USAF, Pete got the perfect mask to accompany his t-shirt! This is what he wore to the simulcast Promise Keepers conference on Friday (7/31) night.

Pete and Leelan and Chuy have been sleeping in “Junior” (the travel trailer), but Pete comes to the motorhome early to feed the dogs and make my coffee, and leaves Chuy with me. This is what I woke up to this morning. When Chuy decides to sleep on Pete’s pillow, Maisie moves out of his way.

Today while “the boys” were back at the conference I did a little yard work, and put my new owl decoration by these stumps. (This is zoomed way in, he’s about 30′ from the patio where I was sitting, and the trash can/well house is another 10-12′ beyond that.)

After I finished my to-do list I set myself up on the patio with my tablet and some music online, and my ukulele to get some sight-reading practice in. (see https://chia.owly.net/?p=654 )

I had to keep a hat over my tea because we have little fuzzy caterpillars that keep dropping onto the table! From where? I don’t know, we have a canopy over the patio area!

We relaxed on the patio after the guys got back.

Leelan took a picture with his phone of this teeny-tiny frog, or toad, or whatever, in the yard. We have a lot of them and they’re so small that we probably never notice they’re there most of the time! But Leelan notices.

And that was our Friday and Saturday. Today was fairly restful, I couldn’t do as much in the yard and around the house as I’d wanted but it was a beautiful day to make music outside, drink in the glory of God in His creation, and enjoy the company of my husband and grandson!

2 thoughts on “24 Hours In The Life…7/31-8/1/2020

  1. Interesting to be sure. I’ve watched ALL your posts. Just wondering…does Leelan eat what YOU eat or what Pete eats…or is HIS menu separate yet? I’m sure he had a great time with Grandpa. I also enjoyed your practice session posted on YT. Love you guys!

    1. I’m so pleased that you’ve taken the time to see all of my posts! I think you and my sister, and possibly my friend Dave, might be the only ones LOL! (You’d love my sister. She’s a lot like me, we’re told…only I think she’s more fun!) Leelan pretty much eats what Leelan wants to eat :). When we’re going to have one of the kids here for a few days we take them shopping for food they want right off the bat. It’s a lot easier than guessing. Lately Pete cooks for Pete and I cook for me since we don’t just eat different diets but also we’re on very different schedules. And Leelan mostly fixes his own, whatever he’s bought. The week he’s here he’s mostly chosen to eat cereal, snack bars, and chicken nuggets as he’s too busy doing his fun stuff to bother with much meal prep. I did fix him a pork chop with me one night but he’s not really a red meat eater so he only ate part of it. You know, as fussy as I was with Casey’s meals when she was growing up you’d think I’d be more concerned with the grands’ meals when they’re here! Love you too!

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