4 thoughts on “Wisdom For Wednesday – March 15, 2023 Edition

  1. The sporting event meme!!!! Can you imagine if the people who call themselves Christian arrived at church early, dressed for the occasion, and didn’t look at their phones during the service because they were so excited to focus on our Savior?

    1. When I’ve heard great preaching and told the pastor afterward that his message was too short, they have always expressed surprise – I’m guessing they don’t hear that very often. I’ve been in prayer groups where, as the time approached an hour in prayer, they started getting anxious to go get lunch or something. I admit that my own fire flames higher and lower at times, but some Christians don’t show any evidence of embers…the world is too important to take time away from for Jesus… (OUCH! Guilty too!)

  2. Would be nice to go back to when people dressed for church instead of looking like they were on their way to Walmart.
    It would be great to once again see people carrying Bibles instead of cellphone apps..beside we know when the battery dies there is no Word – unless they put the Word in their heart and/or carried hard print Bible with them.

    1. There isn’t a lot of respect these days, is there…in Jesus’ day people didn’t have a closet full of clothes, they didn’t have the option of choosing an outfit (from many) that would be appropriate for more important occasions than Walmart. But it shows where our hearts are I guess…in a sad sort of way.

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