When Will We Speak Up?

One of the social sites I like a lot is Gab. It reminds me of the old IRC of 30 years ago, which we called the last frontier – those were fun times! And we took the First Amendment to the Constitution literally. Though it has yet to be legally overthrown, its guarantees are being ignored more and more these days. At what point do we say, “ENOUGH!”????
Andrew Torba, Mr. Gab himself, believes that point is now.

4 thoughts on “When Will We Speak Up?

  1. I am not saying put yourself in harm’s way or get violent that is not the answer….but it is to e for the church remnant to stand up pray…and speak your mind with love the left doesn’t have a problem and often times they don’t do it in love…when did it be one okay to get violent because you don’t agree with someone…when did it be one frightening to put up a political sign up in your yard or wear an item of clothing stating your preference in a candidate…when those forces that want to take down our freedoms and rights said we ain’t having it and want to silence is on all fronts…it’s time to stand up for what we belie e and if someone doesn’t agree it’s okay to disagree in love but if we don’t stand up we may never get the chance again…remember Jesus stood up and said the truth and he wasn’t popular but he always stated the truth with love…Debbie k

    1. I agree with you so much! When people start standing up and stop cowering – no matter WHO that enemy force is trying to take away our rights – that’s when things can happen. Sitting in a corner complaining accomplishes nothing, I’ve said as much on various forums, why continually complain instead of getting up and DOING something? And, as Christians we are always to wrap our words and actions in love. People have an idea that anger is a sin however, like most sins, it’s not how we FEEL but if we choose to use that feeling as an excuse to give in to sin…you make the best points, Debbie! Speak the truth in love, no matter to whom we are speaking, sometimes it’s hard to remember that Jesus died for the looters and rioters too, I would SO love to see a big revival in the streets instead of riots!

  2. God can always take bad and make good come from it. Praying for revival and tearing down of spiritual wickedness in high places.

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