Wednesday Woes – Maisie is Sick!

She started coughing a couple of nights ago. A night-time cough like hers is USUALLY – not always of course – either kennel cough or some sort of heart thing. She had the typical gagging cough with the foam that is seen with kennel cough. BUT I am not a vet and I didn’t want to make assumptions with my gurl’s health. I’ve been trying to get her in to a vet, our vet is 60 miles away so I’d planned to use one that is closer but nobody is accepting new clients. My vet, up in West Branch, can’t fit her in until a week from tomorrow. And any routine work, like vaccines and HW tests and such, are scheduling a month out! Never ever have seen that before!

So she has an appointment for the 23rd at 3:00 up in West Branch, and I have the phone number for the nearest emergency clinic – all the way in Saginaw – near at hand.

How she’s actually doing: she’s had the gagging cough, bringing up the white foam, exclusively at night until today. She’s eating, gets excited over the usual things, but is otherwise subdued and just laying around. (Then again, it was in the mid-90’s here in the motorhome all day, and I was doing the same!) She hasn’t been drinking or urinating as much as usual either. For “supper” I made her a dish of plain yogurt and extremely cold pure pumpkin, which she loved. She’s within a foot or 2 of me always, and that hasn’t changed; still happy to help me with whatever I need, as always. Her CRT (kinda like BP) is fine, mucous membranes nice and pink, no bluish tinges…I don’t have a thermometer to check her temp, need to get one the next time I’m out.

So…keeping a close eye on her, ready to go to the doggie ER if necessary any time of the day or night, and do whatever she needs. I wish I could give her some fluids to perk her up a bit, help her fight off the virus…but don’t have access to that sort of thing of course. It’s been many years since I hooked up pets anyway, I just think it would help her even though I can’t/wouldn’t do it myself anymore.

Watch my updates (I post microblogs daily or more!), I’ll keep you posted!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Woes – Maisie is Sick!

  1. I’m so very sorry to learn of Miss Maisie’s illness and will certainly keep her in my thoughts and prayers. I hope it’s just a passing virus (like a cold) or maybe allergies. Best wishes. What a dilemma. Heat and horrific storms here. Numerous tornadoes and lots of damage throughout the state, BUT not in Marshfield. We just got lots of wind, loud thunder, lightning, and torrential rain. Thank you dear God for your watch-care and protection.

    1. Hi, Annette, Maisie is better this morning! I know it has to be God answering your prayers, I didn’t wake up to piles of foam all over the place, and she hasn’t coughed even once since I got up either! It is a miracle! ?❤️‍?✝️❤️‍??
      We got storms during the night, high wind (which we get OFTEN here anyway) and lots of noise with the rain, but NOTHING like what you are describing!! I’m usually good at keeping up with weather events where the people I love live but with Leelan here I’m not online as much, so I had no idea! Thank God Marshfield was kept safe, AND that you have a good sturdy home! God always does take care of us, such a loving Father! ?❤️?

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