Wednesday Wisdom – April 21, 2021 Edition

One of the things that alarms me the most about the things going on in the world today is how readily Christians are turning from godly values to worldly ones. So when I read this blog post today it really hit a nerve that made my heart sad and anxious. See what you think, does it affect you too?
Christians Unaware of Worldly Attitudes

One thought on “Wednesday Wisdom – April 21, 2021 Edition

  1. My people die from a lack of knowledge is a quote from the Scriptures. The worldly think this knowledge has to come from science. True knowledge comes from God if one asks and He gives it liberally to the one who asks, It is apparent that few ask God for knowledge and wisdom and understanding. They let others decide for them what is supposed to be true. It was mentioned one time that man has said ” we can create life from dirt “. To which the best reply I have heard to this would be God saying “Get your own dirt”

    Carbon dating – scientists use this to date how old something is. The Bible gives good information on how old things are. People tend to believe scientists over God.

    Carbon dating to me is two lumps of coal sitting in a restaurant both sitting opposite each other with a glass of water between them and two straws. OK my mid has left the track.

    Want knowledge? Don’t use Google – ask God and read His Word.

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