Wednesday Wags – K9 Veterans – 11/11/20 Edition

Today being Veterans Day and Wednesday Wags I chose to honor our K9 veterans in this space. Below are some photos that I ran across on social media but I also wanted to share a page I found “honoring working dog teams protecting us world wide” (which includes law enforcement K9s). I also found a wonderful tribute to “16 Brave Military Dogs Who Went Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty For Their Countries” that is only about 7½ minutes long but really wonderful; I will embed that below. After that is a small collage of photos I saw on social media today that honors these 4-legged soldiers.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wags – K9 Veterans – 11/11/20 Edition

  1. We have a K9 several houses from us….around the corner. I don’t know them, but glad to know they live there.

    Several years ago, a K9 was lost from his handler out in the country, and the county and others looked for him for at least a week before finding him. I was so thankful when he was found. Cold and much thinner, but found and treated. It is like not leaving a soldier behind.

    1. I just read the article, it seems like I remember hearing something about the dog being lost but never knew how it ended. I love a happy ending!

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