1. Long time no see me sorry Sherry no excuse…..well life has been busy….but no excuse…..I have seen this short music film and it is sooo beautiful….cry every time I see it. Hope you and Pete have been well….we have had some home challenges….and I have just been here doing the normal. I did have company from out of town and was busy with that on two separate occasions. I have been trying to get into a routine…..I take care of my son’s dog a greyhound named Randy during the day while he works cause he has separation anxiety….believe it or not I walk him and my two every morning 2.8 miles I get to the park at around 6:35 a.m or its too hot and just do it….I take water I have in the car for them if they want it and they love it….it does wear me out though especially when doing other things around the house too. Anyway I am still alive thinking of you guys and hoping all is well…..love you both always…..:-)….Debbie

    1. That’s great that all 3 dogs get along and can go on walks together! I know you enjoy that quiet time in the mornings too, good for you! I’m glad you had some company and hope it was fun times. Yes house guests are extra work but also can be a lot of fun. Like so many other retired people, don’t you just wonder how you got everything done when you were still working? LOL! I LOVE hearing from you – and writing to you – but understand that life gets busy too :). Love you too!

  2. Speechless (literally), humbled, awestruck, thankful, touched, hopeful, many things.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Utterly magnificent indeed.

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