UPDATE: Pete is Home

We just got home, he does have a fractured rib but the CAT scan didn’t find any head injuries. We are BEAT and going to bed, will see you tomorrow, thank you who prayed for him, SO MUCH! Good night!

5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Pete is Home

  1. Evidently Pete’s broken rib didn’t puncture his lung. Thank you dear Lord! Nothing to be done, except for the ‘TIME’ it takes for healing. Glad his head is ‘on-straight’ (smile). Take good care of him Sherry! (as I know you will)

    1. No it didn’t, or cause any bleeding inside from his warfarin! God definitely had His hand on him – and still does, his healing is going really well 🥰

  2. chia.owly.net ,

    You had quite the adventure after your birthday weekend.

    Oh dear!! Glad to hear he is ok.

    A few years ago I used a product called “KT tape” across my cracked ribs. It helps, but it is very sticky so you need to use cooking oil to get it off. Otherwise, the ER told me to put a pillow between the arm and rib every time I needed to cough. The ER probably gave you those same tips as well.

    Praying for a speedy recovery for him and strength for you during this time.

    1. Definitely told Pete as he’s getting over a respiratory bug too, lots of coughing – THANK YOU!!! He is doing well enough that his knee replacement will go on as scheduled on Monday so we are thrilled about that! Thank you so much for your prayers, I hope that all is well with you my friend❣️

      1. chia.only.net ,

        What a nice reply you gave. Thank you so much for your well wishes even as you go through so much yourself. I had a successful visit to Quick Care (as you know, that isn’t always the case…. So God graciously provided this time) and we are still weathering the tornadoes all around. To God be the glory!

        Normally I do not see all your replies. So glad God allowed me to see this.

        But, I did think of one more think for Pete. Tell him to brace himself against a wall if possible when coughing. The pressure of the wall against the pillow should help a bit. He probably already knows this.

        But, I do like to leave long comments when I can so as to help with your SEO on your website. (When I had a website, long comments helped.) so, please overlook my advice if it is something you already know. 🙂🙂

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