UPDATE on Pete

It is now Thursday evening. I thought I was posting little updates all along in my chat box – but there’s nothing there. (You can see what happened in tonight’s note there.)

I was able to talk to Pete on Tuesday, after talking to the staff for an update. I was shocked when I heard his voice, as he sounded like the “old” Pete, before his meds had been changed. Since it took a couple of weeks to wean him off the old one while starting low and increasing the new one, I guess I assumed he’d have to go through that process again. But nope, they just stopped the new one and started the old one and within 2 days he was getting out from under that horrific black cloud he’d been trapped in! He told me that if there were no problems he’d only be in there for a few days, and today when I talked to him, he said he’s being released tomorrow!

Meanwhile, I think grandson Leelan has been pretty worried about his Umpa. They’ve always been extremely close. And after seeing Pete as he was this past weekend, Leelan’s upset was obvious. So last night he told me that when Pete called me today, he wanted to talk to him. Because Pete called while Leelan was in school he agreed to call him later this evening. When the phone rang I handed it to Leelan to answer and after the first greeting he broke into a huge grin of joy and relief – that’s the only way I can describe it. He is absolutely thrilled to see Umpa tomorrow!

We’re not sure what we’re going to do. Casey will be at work and Bill will go pick up Pete and bring him back here. After that, I have no clue what’s next. Pete and I want to go home, Bill & Casey have expressed concern that we won’t have a car there, and I’m a little concerned about that as well. But it’s crowded here especially with our pets and Maisie’s continuous shedding, and I’m sure they’ll appreciate having their family routine and space back too. So, though I’m spoiled by their zippy city internet access, I’m really leaning toward going home and figuring things out from there. Something to pray about for sure.

And that’s where things stand. I absolutely don’t know what we’d do without Bill & Casey’s support and love! They have made things as easy as they could for me here, and actually have been spoiling me (so have the 2 older kids!) too.

Bill’s bearded dragon, Draco, has been trying to – and I hope I get the wording right – go into bromation? And as a result has been pretty sluggish. In fact he has only moved slightly, now & then, in one small corner of his huge tank/cage. But earlier today he was up and at ’em, ready for action, and that’s when Maisie noticed him. After that she spent the day going back and forth between the bunny and the beardie, whining and anxious. So I gave her benedryl. When that had no effect after a few hours Bill shared some of whatever he used to give his own dog when Corporal was anxious, such as when hearing fireworks. And that did it, Maisie has been out like a light ever since. I took her out for her nightly business and she did what she needed to do, even ran around a little bit, but as soon as we got back in she was crashed again. She’s ok, obviously…just really wanting to sleep :).

And there you have it, I may take the next couple of days off from blogging just to spend some time with Pete and my keyboard (which isn’t with me of course, though I did bring a uke), and settling back in at home. But I will, at least, post updates in my chat box. From my laptop!

8 thoughts on “UPDATE on Pete

  1. I’m so glad to hear the good news regarding Pete. Now if his ‘new’ doctor will just leave the old meds alone, Pete should continue in his good progress. I’ve been looking for this update ever since you posted Pete’s problems Now to get your car back! Bless Bill & Casey to have opened their home up to you. Best wishes for continued good reports. Love ya’s…

      1. We are thankful that things worked out as they did, and are discovering a whole lot of ways God has used the entire situation. Thank you Jeanni❣️

    1. I am so glad Pete is finally home and back to his old self. I am also doing better each and every day. Love you guys and you remain in my prayers

      1. I’ve been watching your videos on YT, and wasn’t shocked to see what happened; I had as strong urge to pray for you that week, now I know why. You look great in your short hair, BTW❣️

    2. I have a hope that once the “new” doctor sees his report from the hospital and all the pain and grief he caused he wouldn’t dare try to change anything again. But in spite of it all God shined His light on Pete and used him even through such a painful and horrific nightmare. It will be a few days at least to get our car back but thankfully we did a big grocery shopping the week before we left so we have plenty of food for ourselves and our pets! We will never be able to thank Bill & Casey enough, that’s for sure! Thank you Annette – love you too❣️

  2. We prayed for you & Pete and your animals. I’m glad with God’s help Pete’s doing better. Blessings, Karen

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