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I have a few websites that I use often when playing my ukuleles, and it came to me that I should probably share them. They each have a reason for being on the list, such as that they share predominantly Christian/religious music [āœļø], they share predominantly baritone uke music [šŸ…±ļø], they contain backings and/or vocals with which to play along [šŸŽ¤], they’re good for learning or playing chord melodies [šŸŽ¹], or because of the the vastness of the selection, the variety of musical styles, or just because I consider them top drawer for any other reason[šŸ”Š].

(My perspective is based on my level of skill which I consider intermediate for strumming or beginner for chord melodies. Also I seek out sites to use with my baritone ukulele as well as my low G tenor and my re-entrant concert ukes.)

The list is in no particular order.

OK, here we go!

Music Folk Play Hymns āœļøšŸŽ¤šŸ”Š
Humble Bartronics šŸ…±ļøšŸŽ¹šŸŽ¤šŸ”Š (plus TONS of links!)
Chordie šŸ”Š (not ukulele specific but the sheer volume of resources is impressive)
Moroni’s Uke āœļø/LDS šŸŽ¹
Richard G’s Ukulele Songbook šŸ”Š (1300+ ukulele songs and tabs!)
Doctor Uke šŸ…±ļøšŸ”Š (This site has TONS of resources and the song list is VAST and well-categorized!)
PDF Minstrel šŸ…±ļøšŸ”Š (Has anything uke-related you could want including a TON of links!)
Indelible Grace Hymnbook āœļøšŸŽ¤ (Love that it has melody lines with chords for songs I don’t know) āœļøšŸŽ¤
Chord Strum šŸ”Š (All PDF files; play-along feature doesn’t work)
Traditional Music Library šŸ”Š (This has TONS of great fun musical stuff with plenty to keep ukers happy too!)
Uke Society šŸ”Š (housed on a google drive somewhere but nicely organized)
ezFolk šŸŽ¤ (great resources for beginners, especially!)
Uke Education šŸŽ¹ (multiple resources)
We Are Worship āœļø (requires free membership)
Free Sacred Sheet Music āœļø/LDS (4500+ songs; also has sheet music!)
Jim’s Ukulele (and Guitar) Songbook šŸ”Š (a MONSTER site of thousands of songs!)

I have other sites in my list as well but these are the ones I use most often. If you’re interested in the others let me know and I’ll gather ’em up.

Also, I will be adding more online resources for uke players but am running out of time today, so check back!

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