Uke On The Road

As a lifelong keyboardist first and foremost, I really can’t stand being away from my keyboards. But it’s not practical to take one of them along on a road trip so last week I chose to take one of my ukuleles to Kentucky. Though I have an Enya Nova U that is perfect for travel I picked my Sound Smith resonator tenor for its richer tones with the low G tuning. (My baritone is richer yet, but not as versatile.)

It was the perfect choice! And with the nearly unlimited amount of free – and legal – tabs on the ‘net it’s impossible to run out of new material to play around with, arrange, or whatever your interest happens to be. So I had a blast playing lots of new-to-me stuff, and since I’m still working on sight-reading, got lots of practice in on that too!

It was a great trip, and thanks to the ukulele, a musical one!


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