Thursday Thrilliance – March 21, 2024 Edition

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thrilliance – March 21, 2024 Edition

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    These are so creative! These make me think of the April eclipse.

    Yesterday, I listened to an interesting interview with a woman who wrote a book about the Biblical significance of the upcoming eclipse. She did not try to be prophetic or say anything that would occur in world events. She simply talked about how God speaks to us in “signs and wonders” and backed that up with scripture.

    1. There is a lot of speculation about this year’s eclipse isn’t there – that would be refreshing to hear that interview! I don’t know what will or will not happen but I do know that the right answer is trusting God through it, no matter what “it” is.

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    You are correct about trusting God! Thankfully, I was able to see this comment of yours. (I don’t see all of them.) Trying to remember the author of the book….

    I think her name was AC Katz and the book is The Great American Writing on the Wall.

    Happy Resurrection week. 🙂

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