Thursday Thoughts (on Friday) Nov. 5, 2020 Edition

Where are we going? What are we trying to accomplish? What do we want out of our short time here?

(This is a day late as yesterday I was actually feeling better than I had in a LONG time. So I got busy and did a lot of stuff I normally can’t do, then crashed in the evening from overdoing…but it sure felt good to be doing “normal” things even if I sacrificed the time I would have posted this.)

There is no reason we can’t have the kind of life we want. For one thing, when we want God’s plan for us, we have Him making our paths straight. But it does take a certain mindset to make things happen.

For example, we have SO many people tell us, “I wish I could live in an RV!” And then we hear a list of reasons why they can’t. Yet every excuse we hear can be overcome – very few things can’t! It usually comes down to not saying no to everything that isn’t it. The discipline to have that single-minded purpose AND make sacrifices to get the kind of life you want is uncommon, I believe.

Another thing that definitely makes your life goals easier to attain is SUPPORT! When you are surrounded by people who don’t get it or just don’t agree with your goals for your life, it is definitely an uphill battle. Make sure you’re not in the wrong tribe.

In the end…what we want, and what we can accomplish, and where we want to go in life, we can draw on the power of God through our prayers to reach our goals. He will always – ALWAYS – make it possible for us to accomplish the things we want as we seek His will and plan for us, eliminating those things are “aren’t it”, and surrounding ourselves with those who are on the same page as we are.


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