Thursday Thoughts (on Friday) – Dec. 3, 2020 Edition

It is wonderful to find something that fills a need AND has a ministry I can support! And that’s what happened yesterday when I was searching for a certain song to play on my ukulele for the upcoming Holiday Jam Day on a ukulele group on Mewe. In my search the Reawaken Hymns website came up on my search. I not only found the chords to the song I wanted, but I also found a wonderful ministry!

Because I’ve always (with one temporary exception) chosen small – read: low budget – churches, and because I’ve seen for myself in my roles as everything from music director to accompanist in them, I’m aware of how difficult it is to get quality music resources at an affordable price in the US, let alone in other places around the world, but this is something that owner Nathan Drake provides! This snippet from the site caught my eye almost immediately: “It is a free resource to worship leaders and musicians to help incorporate hymns as a natural part of the modern worship service…” Though there is more to the site, and to Nathan’s vision, I knew this was a special ministry.

There are 7 levels of support, and I started with a popular level as I learn more about the project. Because I was so excited to find out about it I wanted to share with you here (a) in case your church needs such a resource, and (b) in case this is something you’d also like to support. But mostly, I admit, because I was excited! We can also buy some GREAT offerings there to support the ministry! I’ve been looking through the store to see what I can find, too.

I hope you will check it out, there is plenty to discover and there is so much more that I don’t have the space to tell you about but you can find for yourself!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts (on Friday) – Dec. 3, 2020 Edition

  1. I am glad you found a spot to get the materials you where looking for…..Its terribly that things cost so much….I know now a days everybody needs help….and they are only trying to make it as well….but there should be a discount for churches even if it there business resource….that might find they sell more…..I let Bart know he is always looking for good resources…..:-)…Debbie

    1. I have really in a short time grown to enjoy that website, and using the guitar hymn book I got for supporting them but I use it with my ukuleles of course :). I have always felt that music is a gift from God and therefore to be shared the same as food or anything else we are to share with our neighbors, and that God would bless us as He does when we share His gifts with others. I hope that Bart can use the things that is on that site!

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