The Grands’ First Day of School 2022

A few photos from the morning of Aug. 23 before school of my beautiful grandchildren (and daughter & son-in-law…and Lyra’s favorite pet chicken…). I can’t believe how much taller Leelan is than Casey! And Lyra – our family chicken whisperer – is beautiful in her fanciest dress to start at her new school and make new friends! Luna is also doing school because Daddy teaches her at home too!

2 thoughts on “The Grands’ First Day of School 2022

    1. When I was a kid I don’t remember school ever starting before Labor day…I know that teachers always had to go back sooner but was that the case when you were teaching? At least August 31st feels more like the end of summer than August 23rd does (especially since Labor Day is so late this year)…

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