Supernal Sunday – September 24, 2023: Something Very Different

Ashley is someone I follow on Mastodon, and creates some very thoughtful posts. This one, however, particularly struck my heart. For a number of reasons.

In this week’s post I am requesting “audience participation”. Please read what Ashley wrote, think about it, pray about it (and for her)…and offer your thoughts?

I know this is quite different from my usual Supernal Sunday posts, and I think it’s the first time I’ve actually requested something like this. Your words are important. I’m making this brief, and it would mean a lot to me to hear back from you.

What are your thoughts?

7 thoughts on “Supernal Sunday – September 24, 2023: Something Very Different

  1. There was no ‘sham’. If you’re meant to have a companion or partner or soulmate or marriage, then God above will make it happen…maybe through the church or maybe elsewhere. Going to ‘church’ should not exclusively transpire just to ‘find’ a mate. The ‘church’ is a BUILDING. The people IN the ‘church’…ARE the ‘church’. Continue to live your life according to God’s word and will, and if you are meant to have a mate, God will make that happen. Above all…keep in mind…we are all ‘human-beings’. No man OR woman is PERFECT!

    1. 1Corinthians 7:29 and Galatians 2:20 come to mind as I read your reply to Ashley. I have read and heard of so many people whose heart’s desire was a mate and it was only when they stopped telling God what they wanted, and sought out what HE had for them that all the pieces fell into place…thank you for that encouragement for her!

  2. I do not participate in Mastodon, but I have a 2-part answer.
    1. You were misled, but maybe not for the reason you think. Those doing the misleading had no control over the results they were promoting and, therefore, they should not have done it. God never told you that, fallible humans did (maybe even a pastor).
    2. Now that you are mature in Christ you have an opportunity to make things better for the next generation of young ladies. You can pray for and seek out mature Christian men to be mentors for young men. Those youths have few examples to follow. Show me the church which has a strong young adult men ministry which encourages solid discipleship and I will show you a church which is also raising strong Christian boys.

    1. Good points as always, Don! It isn’t the role – or even A role – of any church to provide mates; anyone who leads us to believe otherwise is wrong. At the same time, it IS the role of the church (speaking as US as the church) to raise up godly men – and women – to fulfil God’s purposes for marriage and family. (I think I’m reading this right?) If #2 is happening, then God can use these holy men and women for that purpose.
      (As a side note: this leads me to remember back to those long lonely years of singleness…was I using that time to become the God-centered woman He could use to ease the heart of a holy man who was praying for someone, also? I totally missed out on that part!)

      1. owly:
        Agree, it is not the job of the church to provide mates. That’s just creepy!
        It is the job of all believers to raise up fully discipled followers of Christ. That means that there has to be accountability both from leadership and followers. Unfortunately, too many only expect accountability of the leaders. We don’t expect that anywhere else. At work, in our families, among our friends there is cross-accountability. Why not at church, too? “Tell me about your walk with Christ, Jim.” “Are you struggling in to follow Christ, Sue?” “In what ways have you seen God at work this week, Andy?” In the church these questions are not too personal.

        1. Excellent point, Don – something I hadn’t ever thought about…but I guess that’s why many churches have accountability partners among their congregation…? I love this, though!

  3. Thank you Don and Annette – and anyone else who feels led to offer encouragement to Ashley as well! She is following the comments and I’ve invited her to share her thoughts here too since most of my readers here aren’t on Mastodon and can’t follow her there.
    I can tell from her posts there that she has a beautiful heart; that, and the fact that I had the spent so many years asking questions such as this too are I think what touched my heart and led me to share this here – with her permission of course! Anyway, thank you for your thoughtful replies!

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