Supernal Sunday – Sept. 10, 2023 Edition: The Church

Most people think of “church” as a building we go to on Sunday (or whatever day you go). The Church was begun, based upon the teachings of Jesus; prior to that God’s chosen worshiped at the Temple. God resided within a certain place. Now, the temple is within each believer. God is in heaven…He is on the earth…everything is His…and His Spirit resides within each of His children.

The Church is a body, each of us having a part in His work – as one, with many parts.

As one body, then…

3 thoughts on “Supernal Sunday – Sept. 10, 2023 Edition: The Church

  1. Romans 11:36 (NIV)

    “For FROM him and THROUGH him and FOR him are all things.
    To him be the glory forever! Amen.”

    The church are those who are from him and through him and for him. They are those who are his. As his, we seek not the edge of him but the entirety. Those who are immature want to know how far they can get from him and still be his. But the mature in him abhor the edge, seeking to know how fully they may know only him.

    1. Matthew 16:18 should open your eyes. The gates of hell will not prevail over the church.. us. We should stand victorious through the Holy Spirit given to us through our Lord and God, King Jesus who died for us.. his church.

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