Supernal Sunday – October 22, 2023 Edition: What Can We Expect?

There is so much written about end time events and so many scholars much wiser than I who have differing ideas of the timelines…but as Mark 13:32 tells us below – no man knows. But the Word of God DOES tell us what to expect and what will happen, if not when. These are just a few of the things we’re told as these Supernal Sunday posts aren’t meant to be a thorough study! There is an awful lot in Scripture that isn’t here (the Old Testament prophets such as Daniel and Jeremiah are big ones!) but this is a “hot topic” right now as this temporary world seems to be spinning out of control. So I chose some of the more telling passages that would be understandable to most. Just know that these are not even the tip of the iceberg, there is SO much more to know besides these warnings, assurances, and promises.

2 thoughts on “Supernal Sunday – October 22, 2023 Edition: What Can We Expect?

  1. Church history tells us one spectacular thing about end times: Believers request it sooner rather than later. In other words, believers view it not as a time of fear, but of expectation and joy. Our Lord is returning! Rejoice!
    If the uncertainty and the evil which seems to be growing is causing fear within you, then you need an adjustment of spirit.

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