Supernal Sunday – Oct. 10, 2021 Edition: What Did Jesus Look Like?

This doesn’t – or shouldn’t – matter one bit when it comes to our devotion to and love for Him. Jesus’ physical appearance when He was on earth, however, is something about which many have speculated, for their own reasons. And I admit to a certain curiosity as well! I haven’t delved very deeply into the subject; however, there are a few things I’ve unearthed on the interwebs that are interesting.

(If you have a source for this, which was shared online as an image file without attribution, I would appreciate if you’d share that with me!)

There is also an article by Joan Taylor, who is one authority that has studied this question more thoroughly than perhaps her contemporaries, HERE.

You can read The Ongoing Mystery of Jesus’ face HERE.

There is ongoing debate about the famous Shroud of Turin, and whether the image that was burned into it is Jesus. My own thought is that this face did not look like a man who had been beaten and tortured beyond recognition just a short time earlier; however, he certainly could have – or even would have? – been healed at the time of his resurrection and escape from the shroud, so that could explain the lack of injuries…

There is plenty written about the Shroud of Turin online, to which any search engine can guide you. I find this site of particular interest though: Shroud3D.

This photo intrigues me the most, and “feels” right to me…which means absolutely nothing, in reality… It is a screenshot of a public post on Mastodon.

See more about this digital artist HERE and see all 3 – yes THREE! – pictures of Jesus that he created on Twitter.

(Other incredible works can be found on Bas Uterwijk’s website as well as his Instagram account.)

A caution: We must never let speculation sidetrack us from that which is most important: The gospel of Jesus. His life, teaching, touching, love, death, and resurrection are all that truly matter. And, for those who love and serve, trust and obey, we will certainly recognize Him when we come into his presence and see Him face to face!

2 thoughts on “Supernal Sunday – Oct. 10, 2021 Edition: What Did Jesus Look Like?

  1. Maybe that is why Jesus said My sheep will know my voice. Possible assumption we imagined Him to a point we don’t recognize Jesus and it is His voice that will set us straight.
    We were certainly know Him when He says to us Well done good and faithful servant.
    Others will hear Him say I do not know you. To which, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    1. I hope that’s what I will hear, I can’t speak for anyone else but I often feel like I can never do enough to serve and please Him! Good point though, about His sheep knowing His voice! I wonder how it will sound…

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