Supernal Sunday – May 14, 2023 Edition

How often do we see people labeled in the media, or hear people referred to by some label (usually with derision or some other negative connotation)?

It seems as time goes on, we are no longer seen as people, each creation unique, for God’s love and purpose, but we are tagged for a different purpose: anonymization. Gradual eradication of the individual. Divide and conquer. Brother against brother.

We are being lumped together, all of the assumed beliefs and ideologies of the individuals mashed into easily classified and manipulated pablums based upon, more often than not, erroneous assumptions, half-truths, and outright lies. We have liberals and conservatives, blacks and whites, Jews and Christians, wealthy and wish-they-weres, indifferent and ambitious, capitalists and socialists, and the list goes on. Spend a day reading a paper, skimming social media, interacting with others, and you will surely hear individuals referred to within a group that probably doesn’t apply to them at all!

How does that make you feel?

How does God label us? Who does He say that we are? We can know where we fall in the worldly scheme of things as we’re seeing it every days. But what about the only important scheme of things…the eternal?

Who does God say that I am?

His Ambassador!

His Branch!

His child!

A citizen of heaven!

His friends!

His heir!

His masterpiece!

A new creation!

His righteousness!

His temple!


NOW how do you feel?

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