Supernal Sunday – March 20, 2022 Edition

Today is the third Sunday within Lent. The first Sunday my Supernal Sunday post was about sin and sinners, which is ALL of us; last Sunday I shared memes about the effects of sin in the world and in our relationship to God. Today’s post is about the wrath of God toward sin and sinners – yes, toward us. We can’t understand why Jesus had to come and endure what He did without understanding the totality of God’s wrath against sin and those who live it.

This week I am sharing Rich Maffeo’s post from Friday, Ears To Hear, which coincides perfectly with today’s topic. I had outlined and planned these Lenten posts probably a month ago; it amazes and thrills me to see how God puts things together like this!

(NOTE: I am not following any of the schedules that certain denominations use, so these postings, which are simply an effort to bring us clearer meaning of who we are, who Jesus is, and why the resurrection is so important. This is why, if your denomination follows a certain schedule of services during this period, this series – in meme style – won’t coincide.)

Please read these carefully, prayerfully, and with an open heart. I have used a format that will allow you to see them one at a time to make it easier to consider and pray over each one.

2 thoughts on “Supernal Sunday – March 20, 2022 Edition

  1. Amen and amen!

    I listened to a fabulous sermon by John MacArthur today. It was on the Answers in Genesis website.

    Your Sunday memes are always perfect. Have a blessed week.

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