Supernal Sunday – July 23, 2023 Edition: Why Would I Want THAT???

You’ve made some good points, I’ll give you that. But there is so much that I just can’t even believe, that doesn’t make a lick of sense to me! How can I trust any “god” who would do things that are so WRONG? There is a whole lot going on around me that the Bible doesn’t make sense by comparison…I just can’t can’t feel any kind of good about that.

First of all, understand that you are not thinking God’s thoughts…you are not understanding His ways…You are not ruling the universe that you created. You are, to be blunt, pretty puny in the grand scheme of things. When you are guiding your children to adulthood, do they understand your reasons for everything you teach them, or for the things you won’t allow for them? Do you know things that they don’t? Imagine that. But on a MUCH higher scale!

Second, know that faith doesn’t necessarily make sense about what you see and hear and can touch. We go up an elevator to the top of a high rise building, for example; we “know” that the elevator will carry us and not let us fall…we “know” that each step we take, dozens or even hundreds of feet above the ground will support our weight…even though we don’t understand everything that has gone into the planning, structure, construction, limits, and safety of that building. That is faith. We don’t have to understand it, indeed we can’t possibly. Yet we choose to trust that someone does.

THIS, my friend, is key: FAITH IS A CHOICE! It’s not something we innately have, or don’t have. It isn’t like the color of your hair, your shoe size, or the sound of your voice. It is something that we can choose!

When we make the choice to have faith – in God, in His promises, in His Son, in His words, in His provision for our salvation, that is the trigger that unleashes His grace. And it is His grace – because of His mercy – that brings us into His family…into His kingdom!

Faith will change your life. Totally and absolutely. It is that powerful, that real, and that available. You DO have a choice in what you want your life to be and, ultimately, your eternal destiny. After all, what does anything in the world have to offer you that is greater than THIS?

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