Supernal Sunday – Feb. 27, 2022 Edition

Lent begins this week on Wednesday and though many Christians don’t practice it, many do. Growing up Catholic I practiced the Lent tradition as it was done at the time, as a child, having strict rules to follow without a clear understanding of the purpose. As an adult I use it as a tool to draw nearer to God though various spiritual disciplines and extra study and prayer, in preparation for the joyous celebration of the resurrection. As part this preparation I will be following – and sharing – Lenten messages of one of my very favorite bloggers whose writings move me at times to tears, Rich Maffeo. I will include the links throughout his series here.

His Lenten Message #1 is Forgive! in which he has beautifully expressed “…the best place to find the more complete answer to the question…’What shall we do to prepare the way of the Lord?’ ” Absolutely worth the time to read and contemplate whether you practice Lent, or not.

And now on to our regularly scheduled meme gallery. I am personally full of the awareness of God’s glory and presence this week, so have chosen to reflect that in today’s post!


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