Supernal Sunday – Feb. 20, 2022 Edition: Family

This was not my original idea for today’s Supernal Sunday post but then 2 things worked together to guide me to this topic: first, I spent time with my family, which always puts those I love best foremost in my mind, and second, a beautiful sister in Christ posted a series of memes on Savior Connect that spoke of family. It seems that God always gives me confirmation, just to make sure that I don’t get things wrong I guess. But first He will put something on my heart, then He will put something in my path that confirms and builds upon what He had put there. And it is ALWAYS confirmed by His Word. Even if the first two things aren’t specifically from the Word – though they often are! – the subject always is also confirmed in the Word.

WELL! God designed the family so certainly He has things to say about it. There is a great list of 100 verses relating to the family, though some of these relate to the family of believers rather than the family I was thinking of but within these verses is His wonderful wisdom and instruction for our families. Spending some quiet time reviewing them will be a blessing to every family!

And now here are the memes that were shared on Savior Connect this weekend. (I’m beginning to think that I am bilingual: American English, and Meme!) I pray that this collection of wisdom and truth will bless your own family, and help it to grow into all that God intends it to be!


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