Supernal Sunday – August 28, 2022 Edition

In October of 2019, 19-year-old Logan Tomasello of Walworth died after going into sudden cardiac arrest…

A 19-year-old is dead after a shooting at a party in southeast Atlanta….

D’Auvray, referred to as “Val” by his family, was found lying face down on concrete with a head injury…

The three people from these actual news stories all had one thing in common: When they were tying their shoes that morning, they had no idea that it was the last time they would ever do so.

Do you know when your time on earth will end? Are you sure? Because once that happens…you have lost your last chance to spend your eternity in heaven, and to avoid eternity in hell.

Most people don’t like to consider that, and can’t even stand the word. But Jesus spoke about hell more often than anyone else in the Bible. 42 times in fact. It is a reality. And we all have the same chance to avoid it – or not.

Before that chance is forever taken from us.


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