Supernal Sunday – August 13, 2023 Edition: Where The Joy Comes From (with alt-texts)

(NOTE that alt-texts for Bible verses only contain the verses themselves, not descriptions of backgrounds, since the verse is what is most important.)

There are times when we can lose our joy. Joy – unlike mere happiness – comes from the Holy Spirit within and not from external earthly things. (Nor can earthly things steal our joy…but that’s a topic for another day!) Yet sometimes earthly things, worries, situations, etc. can take our focus off the Source of our joy. When our joy starts to dim and we find it slipping from our grasp, we need to enter into God’s presence and worship Him…

Perhaps that is why we are commanded to worship God. Worship has many effects on us, but one of the greatest is joy!

When we enter into God’s presence and worship Him with praise and thanksgiving…give Him glory…throw ourselves at His feet…soak in the splendor of His holiness…there can be nothing but joy within our hearts! We are simply overwhelmed at his attributes when we come before Him, and there is nothing else that can fill our spirits in that place!

Turn from worldly thoughts and fears…worship at the footstool of our great God…exalt His holy name…bask in His holiness…and be filled with joy!


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