Supernal Sunday – April 10, 2022 Edition

Palm Sunday. Not the anniversary, rather the celebration. As I was growing up it was a celebratory Mass, and we took our palms home and displayed them on the wall behind the crucifix (that also contained a small vial of holy water) in the round-ish hallway outside the bedrooms. As such it was a reminder for the rest of the year, to me, of how beloved and praised Jesus was…until the crowd turned on Him and demanded the cruelest form of death.

But for today, He was loved and celebrated by the people…

A beautiful and wonderfully expressed post about Palm Sunday by my favorite blogger Rich Maffeo, Daddy, Wait For Me, Please, could possibly be the best reading about the significance of the day that I have read, and is certainly much better than anything that I could write.

So I will leave you with these memes to share on your chosen platforms.


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