Speaking of Wednesday Wags…

Have I mentioned how much Maisie amazes me?

Earlier today I was in the living room, sitting on the davenport with my laptop, and needed to move back to my “padded cell”. I had to bring my laptop and mouse, plus my phone, plus my tea cup, plus a very large pillow.

Let me backtrack a bit here…when I need to pack myself in pillows I have several that I use regularly and Maisie knows them by name so she can bring me whichever one I want as I create my “padded cell” – the red pillow, the small pillow, etc. Usually the very large pillow stays in the living on my piano bench, as I sit on it when I play, or stuff it behind my back or under me on the davenport, or whatever. But today I thought I might use it in the bedroom – I just felt I might need more padding than usual! (Scrubbing out the toilet – by hand – may not have been my best idea today!)

I couldn’t carry everything so before I left I pointed to the pillow and told Maisie, “This is the big pillow, ok? It’s the big pillow.” I came into the bedroom and of course she followed me, and as I sat down I said, “OK, Maisie, go get the big pillow” and sure enough, that’s all it took…she went straight to it and brought it in, head held up high (but not because she was proud, but because it was so big she would have tripped over it otherwise ?).

I know I shouldn’t be surprised, she proves herself over and over and over again to me, all day every day. But I am so proud of her that sometimes I just have to boast! Remember – she was all-but-feral when I got her, having lived the first year of her life on a short chain with no training or socialization whatsoever! I had absolutely no control over her in any way and she was so much stronger than I was…more than one person told me I was taking on WAY too much, and that it was a big mistake thinking I could train her to be my service dog! But we’ve sure come a long way together, Maisie and me, and once again I have to say that there’s no way I could imagine trying to get through my days, or live my life, without her.

P.S. My dad had an amazing – almost mystical – way with dogs. I can’t help but think – often – of how much he would have loved Maisie, and how impressed with her he would have been!

Does Maisie look huge in this picture? Well she is – she’s a beast! Most photos don’t show how big she really is – or how beautiful!

2 thoughts on “Speaking of Wednesday Wags…

  1. Maisie is definitely smart. Its when she has no work to do she gets into trouble lol. What is that saying “To my defense, I was left unsupervised”.
    You have trained her well. In my case, she has trained me well. She tells me to get her her breakfast. She gets more and more insistent “talking” more and louder the longer I take to get her her food.
    I love how she bring her water dish to us when it is empty. How many dogs do that?
    She response to “take this to Mom (or Dad)” and she takes it directly to you…to me after she plays keep away with me then brings it to me.
    She also figured out how to open the door on the travel trailer from inside as we witnessed one day. It was hot and we put her and Chuy in the travel trailer to stay cool in the air conditioning while we went away. When we came back the door was wide open and both of the dogs were in the yard…. waiting for us.
    You made a great decision in taking her and training her. Wish I could do that with my bratty Terrier Chuy.

    1. Yes, she is the perfect dog for her work and for our family! I had looked at hundreds – literally, and I had the thumbnails/cache to prove it! – of potential dogs, many of them would have been up to the tasks, but when I saw Maisie’s post by Liz, I KNEW she was the one! Just like with Chuy…who, BTW, IS very smart, it’s not easy to train a human as well as he’s trained you!

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