Saturday Social – May 8, 2021 Edition

First, happy Saturday!

We’re still at the campground in KY (but will go home in a few days), but it isn’t quite as packed this weekend as it was last, and there’s some internet available now and then, not much worse than during the week – YAY! So I’ve had a little time here and there to spend on social media this week – another YAY! Not much new at the usual sites, however…

…I have happened upon Riffr, a micro-podcasting platform. First, I have done podcasting. Twice. And my interest waned within a few episodes. But this is different! Users post “riffs” of 5 seconds to 3 minutes, which to me is more like a “blurt”. And I can blurt! Spontaneity seems to be the goal here, which I think I can do! There are lots of times I will see or hear or do something and think, “I need to remember to share that on the blog” but then I don’t remember and it never gets shared. This is, I hope, the answer to that problem. I can take out my phone in the heat of the moment and blurt it out, then share the resulting “riff” here to my blog.

That’s my hope anyway. I did create my first riff yesterday, and was excited to share it here, but when I listened to it there was the drone of a lawnmower that was nearly as loud as my voice! I hadn’t even noticed it before that…so I’m thinking I may need a more quiet environment…although…hmmm…I could use the background noise as a feature, including a mention of it – as in, “I’m sitting on a bench at the most beautiful park I’ve ever known. That noise you hear is the sound of children playing all around me…” sort of thing…

Anyway, I’ll let you know how I get on with Riffr. If it’s going well, however, you should see some riffs happening here soon!


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