Saturday Social – May 29, 2021 Edition

First, I just heard about a new social media site today, Politichatter. I don’t plan to review it, or even join, as I’m into as much social media as I care to get. I don’t blog for a living as many do, so I don’t put the same time into it as they do. But from the header on the splash page I learned “UNCENSORED FREE SPEECH! Get Your Gift of Ownership Shares!” And that’s what I know. There are an awful lot of “free speech” platforms opening up these days, and as much as I’d like to check them all out, there are only so many hours in a day!

The thing I really want to write about, though, are sites where you earn some sort of reward for participating. I’m on two of these: Rumble, where users can earn “rumbles”, and Pocketnet, where users can earn PKOIN (pocketcoins). In neither case do I go out of my way to earn anything, as I don’t really know what either of them is really good for. In the latter case, since I’m not really well-versed in alternate currencies and don’t understand anything about it, I just enjoy reading the posts, commenting, and occasionally posting something I think may be of value to someone else/others. With Rumble apparently users can cash in on their accumulated rumbles, though I don’t see many high dollars listed anywhere, and nothing in the 3 digits or above; then again, I don’t follow more than a few dozen people – of whom a mere handful actually post – and don’t see what people are earning.

And now, my gripe with these sorts of sites: People tend to get into a “I’ll support your channel if you support mine” mindset, expecting, for example, rumbles back if they rumble me. (Awkward linguistics here!) And a lot of people aren’t, in my opinion, even deserving of rumbles because all they do is copy a video from YouTube and plop it on their own channel, then hold out their hand for their reward (figuratively speaking). That doesn’t cut it in my book. Nor does my book agree with those whose only comment on my work is, “I’ll support you if you support me!”

So in the end, I’m pretty much just enjoying the content, “rewarding” those who tickled my fancy or rang my chimes or whatever, and putting my stuff up there so it can be shared whether I accidentally earn something or not.

What do you think? Am I just getting more grumbly in my old age? Or are people getting rich off of sites like this? Should I care about earning rewards more than I do? Would it be worth my while to learn more and put in a little more effort? Hmmm…


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