Saturday Social – July 23, 2022 Edition: Missing Minutae (Update #2)

Well I haven’t been doing very well with this project. Not because I’m not still invested in it, but because I had to distance myself for a while…a little over a week I guess it was…not just from Savior Connect but from life. Anyway, though the activity at the site has picked up overall I’m not seeing a whole lot of interaction still, except for the little pockets here and there.

Maybe that’s the way the site will be. I will continue to put myself out there through the rest of the month, and I further invested myself by putting up a new page there today, which I haven’t yet “announced”. The content will be visible to members only.

When all of this is done, I will likely continue as I did before, my experiment – attempting to increase interactions – complete. Trying not to think of it as failure or success, just as a measure of the way things are.

And those are my thoughts until next Saturday.


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