Saturday Social – April 3, 2021 Edition

Highlighting my thoughts and experiences with various social media platforms this week.

So this week first I’ll update my experience with, and feelings about, Christian.Social since last week I was still up in the air about it. While I don’t like any platform that’s main purpose seems to be political ranting/rage, I’m seeing enough other content that I do like that keeps me there. I’m still working on friending more people (it would be easier if I could still see posts from everyone) but it’s a very new platform so that part of it is slow going. (Also the fact that new members are given an anonymous name – such as “Anonymous123456789” – makes me feel like I’m just seeing a bunch of faceless robots or zombies!) So the jury is still out for now.

Second, I joined another platform that I had never heard of, though it’s been around for a few years I guess, called Pocketnet which strangely enough I learned about from the creator of Creation.Social in a video he did about the site. (He is much more than that, however – see as a starting place to learn more.) If you’re interested in his introduction to this platform you can watch his JoshWhoTV video. And I actually like this one right from the get-go. It is easy to find people to follow, and there is also a live chat going on in the right side of the screen. They have their own “monetary” reward system, as Justin discusses in his video, but I don’t really understand it or care about it all that much…same with Rumble…which brings us to…

Rumble. This is a video sharing site, it also has a reward system though I don’t really pay any attention to it other than – like I used to on YouTube – leaving a Rumble (similar to a like) for the videos I watch. I have been using it to watch videos but will shortly begin to upload my videos and vlogs there as well as on my gabTV channel. (Stefan – if you read this, I will also start providing both links in my video posts, ok?) But I like Rumble really well, it has a lot of content that I enjoy and I want to be a part of it! I’m learning that many people upload videos and/or photos to several platforms.

Lastly, I want to mention gab again, mostly because it’s my favorite though it is falsely maligned by the MSM. (Then again, what isn’t? Oh yeah…nevermind…) But Andrew Torba posted recently how Gab Is Too Big To Ignore. There are Big Plans for gab, and they are plans that I can stand behind 100%. Meanwhile I continue to thoroughly enjoy the people I choose to spend time with there, mostly animal lovers, Christians, cooks, and those who post beauty and joy. If all you think you know about gab is what you’ve heard and read in the media, I’m here to tell you that it is what you make it.

Remember: Just as you can’t describe an apple by the taste of its seeds, you can’t describe any social media site accurately unless you have used it. Thoroughly.

And that wraps it up for me tonight, I’ve got supper on the stove and am hungry! I’ll see you next week for more Saturday Social, and of course throughout the week as well.

One thought on “Saturday Social – April 3, 2021 Edition

  1. I will have to check out the better ones listed. I still have DingDash, MeWe,, Mastadon,, and not sure if I got thes – oh wait, I have Gab, too. I do so many things that I don’t always find time to keep up with anyone of them, let alone them all. I am sure there are plenty of interesting conversation I miss out on. I,even have a hard time keeping up with your postings, my Love.
    Then, too, I have the CARFnet, Skype, webSDR, Telegram, RCForb client and the ham radio (once I get my antenna back up again).

    Oh, I can’t forget SnapChat. I still have to go to facebook to seeing when the SPS cops are having their reunion and getting a lot to park Junior in. May be too late for some places.

    Anyway I love reading your posts and watching your video and just being with you at home and when we have to travel for my doctor appointments.

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