Saturday Social – April 24, 2021 Edition

It is late and this will be short, BUT I did want to write about FrankSpeech which has been promoted for months as a new free speech social platform. Many of us signed up and were told that we’d be able to fill in our profile information when the platform opened up, which has been delayed multiple times.

Finally on Monday of this week it started with live streaming of Mike Lindell with multiple guests talking about the political scene in general. Then they showed his video Absolute Interference a couple of times in the coming days, and then it went down again, leaving this message for visitors (screenshot).

I can’t comment on this social platform because so far I haven’t seen one. And I don’t know when I will, but I will leave a message in the chat box when I do.

Meanwhile, any American of any political persuasion should watch the video. This isn’t about red or blue, Republican or Democrat. This is about honesty and deception and the system that makes American what America is. If you believe the claims about the election fraud or not, what the video. Wherever you stand you will have something to learn.

So that’s what I wanted to talk about on this week’s Saturday Social media post, thanks for reading!


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