Saturday Social – April 17, 2021 Edition

I will try not to make this too long, though I have a lot to talk about today! (Maybe I should give this topic 2 days each week…Sat. Social + Monday Media) Anyway, here goes!

Firstly I wanted to address Telegram, which I haven’t mentioned in a while. I do use it, but not the same way as other platforms. Mostly this is where I get my “from the horse’s mouth” news by following those who are part of the things in which I am interested. I do have a few friends that I message with there, and am a member of one group that one of these friends invited me to, but I don’t use it very much for chatting or social purposes. For my main source of news it’s great!

Then I wanted to mention Rumble, which I’m really enjoying but also struggling with a bit. I am posting my videos there (as well as GabTV) but not getting any comments or even followers there, and not sure what to do about that? I do follow, watch, +rumbles, and comment on others who post similar content, but I’m seeing that reciprocating isn’t a “thing” there. I will still post my videos there though, because why not? (P.S. I’m not particularly interested in the monetary aspect of using Rumble, so don’t mention that here.) I’m finding LOTS of great people to follow, watch, and try – because replying to comments is apparently not a thing either – to interact with there, though!

And, speaking of GabTV, I could say the same there as far as reciprocity. BUT there is a greater tendency of people to “follow back” at least, and also because it is connected with the social site I can post about videos there both on my timeline and also within appropriate groups, which gets more views for my posts but even better helps me find other channels to which I can subscribe. I get a lot more followers and views and replies to my comments on GabTV too, if not comments on my own videos.

And speaking – again – of Gab, I have expanded my experience there also, and so want to devote an entire post to what I am learning. I want to update my last gab post too, so that everything I have to say about it currently is in one place for the purpose of sharing on gab (mostly via a link in my profile) as well as those who have questions. So look for that, hopefully, tomorrow (4/19/21)!

No other changes since the last Saturday Social post, other than leaving which actually has left more time to spend on my most recently-joined platform, Pocketnet. Finding good stuff there too, and people are following back. The most important thing I’ve learned there: Post frequently! That seems to get more attention than posting the same posts but on a less-frequent basis (ie, one post/day vs 3 posts every 3rd day). Still learning it too…but liking it!

OK, I guess I’ll see you here on Monday, meanwhile have a great weekend!


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