Sanskgiving Slideshow

I know I said that I’d share some photos here today of yesterday’s dinner and family time at Casey’s. Since I made a slideshow on YouTube for my vlogging channel I will share the link here rather than start from scratch. It’s less than a minute long. Thanks for looking, my friends!

4 thoughts on “Sanskgiving Slideshow

  1. Sherry, the food looked amazing, and the kids have gotten sooo big….Leelan especially to me looks like he has grown a foot…..Lyra is adorable….and the baby is getting sooo big…..Looks like you guys had a special family time…..Casey looks very happy with everything…..glad you got to spend time with your family that is what life is about……:-)….Debbie

    1. Leelan is looking like a young teen even though he’s only 11 but yes he’s getting very tall! Remember when he was that little guy who was so cute and fun when we babysat him? Lyra is really conscious of her hair and wardrobe and how she presents herself, and little Luna is toddling around all full of herself…they’re a delightful family to spend time with, and it IS what life is about! Will you be able to spend time with each of yours during the holiday season?

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