Revisiting Social Media – Again!

I have now all-but-left Facebook. Frankly, Zuckerman nauseates me. But that’s a topic for another day. My friends’ list now consists of less than 50 people, mostly my church family up in Roscommon, and other family members, with a few – very few – close friends. I have left my pages, and will be leaving the groups today. I also am in the process of removing all of my posts – and they don’t make it easy! One at a time, 10’s of thousands of them. Ugh. But I will persevere! And I’m no longer posting there, at all.

I’m done with Twitter, account deleted. I’m no longer posting on Instagram, and only “keeping track” of a few (counting on one hand) friends who aren’t active anywhere else.

I will be writing separate posts about where I spend my social media time these days, as I’ve had a number of questions about them. In addition, there are always new members who are looking for tips to get started and find their way around these platforms. So I want to include my tried-and-true advice, as well as links to some tips that others have posted, for each. Though I’ve mentioned some in the past, I’ve been on them for a while now, know a little more (but FAR from expert level!), and have more to share at this point.

Lastly, there are some sites that are popular that I am not using, or even considering, mostly because though they claim to be about free speech, they censor their users in one way or another. Parler is one such site, from what I’m reading, to give an example. That doesn’t mean others shouldn’t try it; it just means that I’ve researched – as I do everything – and decided it’s not for me.

Please watch this space, I will be addressing 3 social platforms that I use regularly, within the next few days. I hope you’ll check back!


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