Remembering Daddy: Sept. 11, 1931 – Feb. 2, 1998

This year I just want to share some photos I have from his life. He was never in very many pictures because he was always the man behind the camera! But though his life was too short, he lived it large and was loved by many!

6 thoughts on “Remembering Daddy: Sept. 11, 1931 – Feb. 2, 1998

  1. Losing our parents definitely leaves a ‘hole’ in our lives, but the memories are there and can never by erased. My mom & dad were married 62 years before dad left for heaven. He was 82. Mom left us when she was a month short of 91.

  2. Really nice memories there! I can see you in your dad’s smile! My dad would have been 100 this Feb 22. He passed in 1981…way to young.

    1. Every so often I see my dad when I look in the mirror :). My dad, at 66, was also way too young…but in heaven there is really no such thing! That’s something I have to remind myself of every so often…I will be 66 in a few months as well and it seems so strange that I’m about the same age as he was the last time I saw him!

  3. Love these pictures of Grandpa. ❤️ I have actually spoke about several of those pictured this week! This morning I was telling Bill about Uncle Jerry and his trick boxes, I was talking about playing in Grandma Bev’s basement, and staying up all night with Grandma Nae, making spiral Mac & cheese and ironing (she got Kraft – we didn’t). MLIDLU

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