Red Flags to Deception

I just had an epiphany! Some of the little “inspirational” memes that get posted around social media bother me deep down, and it just came to me now why that is: they are the equivalent of horoscopes, simply adding God’s name somewhere within them for “inspiration”! The one I just saw shared said, “God is saying to you today…Don’t worry, I got you. This week is going to be filled with good news, answered prayers, breakthroughs, miracles, and favor.” I’ve seen fortune cookies that make these promises too!

First red flag: Does God even talk like this? (If you don’t know the answer, you’re not spending enough time in the Word!) If you got a text message from “me” and it was written in gangsta, you would know it’s not me, right? Yeah…

Second red flag: Can you find a statement like this ANYWHERE in the Bible? I’ll wait…

Third red flag: Send us money! Makes me wonder how much their own words are worth to them…a cup of coffee, anyway, it seems. Be very aware of whose words you support.

Fourth red flag: The word “inspiration”. This isn’t “the Word”, these are some feel-good words that promise Santa-god will give you everything you want – what an inspiring thought, right? And “this week” too! You don’t even have to wait for it! Does that really sound biblical to you?

Beware what you find on the internet. Check everything – EVERYTHING – especially those things that use God’s name – in His own Word. Know that every other word claiming to be His is deception.

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