I love this song, it makes me want to fall to my knees every time I hear it. It was written by Paul Beloche.

Something very interesting is that the Jews in Old Testament times considered God’s name – noted as YHWH – so holy that they wouldn’t even speak it aloud. (Nobody can even pronounce YHWH because we have no idea how it could have been said, had it been said.) Instead, when speaking His name the Jews used the word Adonai, which meant “Master” or “Lord”; we use the term Yahweh – so spelled for pronunciation purposes – which also means “Lord” but as Adonai it expresses His sovereignty over us as well as His Lordship.

When I play it, I use a more worshipful style than Mr. Beloche does, because I play how I hear things in my heart rather than my ears. But it’s the lyrics that speak to me most of all.


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