Powerful Word!

The more time I spend reading things on the internet or hearing the news, the higher my blood pressure goes! While I KNOW that worrying about things doesn’t change them, it is hard to put into practice the whole “let go and let God” thing (which isn’t in the Bible, by the way!). But this morning as I was looking up this verse, God graciously laid a word picture on my heart: If worries were rose petals, and I tossed them into the air on a windy day, that would be like tossing them to God as He scatters them and takes them where He would, according to His will and plan, and away from me. Conversely, trying to pick them all up again would be fruitless, as He has removed them so far from my hands.

Does anyone else see the joy in this picture? Because it has lightened my heart and made me thankful today!

2 thoughts on “Powerful Word!

  1. Love it…..I too have been struggling with worry…..I recently had a very bad day at the doctors cause the one cardiologist I was going to quit and they told right before my appointment and I had to go to someone else they had and well I waited for two hours after the appointment for prescription that has been working for me and they messed them up three times and then tried to switch me at the end and the dr comes in after I asked questions to explain the switch to say the least I didn’t have peace about the whole thing…..long story short I made another appointment with the group my Mom goes to and will start fresh there and am leaving it all in Gods hands…..why change meds that have been working only because you messed script up….anyway say a prayer for me…..I need to realize these rose petals are gone and God has me in his hands no matter what…..love you my friend……:-)….Debbie

    1. Oh my GOODNESS! I would be so livid…What the HECK, they could kill people~ I’m glad you’re seeing a different doctor, one that you already know and that your mom trusts. IDK what the medical profession has become when nobody was looking, but it’s pretty bad, there are so many similar stories out there. If not for God’s hand on you and your own vigilance who knows! Love you too, I hope that you’re having a good weekend!

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