My USA.Life Experience

As promised, here is the second of my Social Media Revisited posts.

USA.Life isn’t as well-known as many other social media platforms. It is newer than most, though, so in time I’m sure it will be. It has a lot to offer, including some very dedicated members who are actively working for its success.

Besides the general chat area, it has a long list of available groups; unfortunately it seems that many of these groups were formed and then forgotten…but of those that are active, they are quite varied and friendly. There are also other ways to be active here, as shown in this screenshot of my menu; however I haven’t examined most of them, as these aren’t what I’m there for. And a couple of these options that interested me, back when I first became a Pro member, didn’t work.

The site overall is pretty tame for a “free speech” site, there isn’t much profanity overall, or opinions that might be described as “hate speech” by the media (whether it meets the legal definition or not). It is managed by founder and CEO Steven Andrew, who is a Christian, and its mission statement reflects this. Pastor Andrew has a passion for returning the USA to its Christian roots, and USA.Life seems intended to further this ideal.

In practical use, USA.Life is like many other platforms and is easy to navigate. However there isn’t a group for new users to get their questions answered. The provided Help pages don’t give much detail, and are even outdated in some cases, having not been updated since they moved from Beta days to its current format. However, there are some very helpful and active folks here and if one has a question, it will typically be answered in the general discussion within a day.

Unfortunately, dealing with “new members” who request to be friended and then instantly show that they are simply there to troll for hot babes (or dudes) is a huge problem in my opinion. I get a half-dozen such requests nearly every day, in spite of a warning in my bio. They can be reported, but it gets VERY tiresome approving and getting the expected private messages just so that I can report it….over and over again. There’s got to be a better way as this isn’t such a big issue on other sites, and is the main reason I use USA.Life less often than any other platform.

But it is what it is and if you want a friendly, fairly tame place to chat and get links to news sources and participate in groups that interest you and that isn’t overwhelmingly active, USA.Life may be just the platform for you!


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