My Grandpuppy – Then And Now!

This is Shylo. In the first photo I am meeting her for the first time when she was 6 weeks old…in the second, with grandson Leelan, she is only 4 months older. YIKES she’s gonna be a big ‘un!

(Her DNA test shows she’s Standard Poodle, Treeing Walker Coonhound, and Golden Retriever, in that order, with small amounts of dna from other breeds thrown in)

5 thoughts on “My Grandpuppy – Then And Now!

  1. You’re aware of the reason, so I’m leaving my reply to your site tonight on this portion. First, I really like your music area with the various instruments ‘hanging-around’, and the lights REALLY ‘perk-up’ the WHOLE area! I saw Leelan’s picture on Facebook. In comparison…like WOW. Such a BIG, BEAUTIFUL doggo! I’m glad you will have Maisie’s grooming needs professionally done from now on. The ears. The nails. The shedding hair. Yes. It’s best left to the ‘pros’. I can’t wait to hear what on earth was under your floor or in your walls that kept you and Maisie up all last night. It’s getting colder now, so small animals are looking for a warmer place to live. Problem is…they MULTIPLY, don’t they? I get rabbits between the bushes and house this time of year. Being nocturnal, the ones right outside my bedroom window ‘scamper-around’ when I’m trying to sleep. Okay…have a good night tonight. You SHOULD sleep well, and Maisie had a BIG day, so SHE should sleep well too! Love ya’

    1. Maisie was exhausted. Didn’t take long to hit my side of the bed with her head on my pillow.
      Amazing how much both Shylo and Leelan have grown. Love you, Annette.

    2. Yup, and I see it wherever you leave it :). I can’t wait to get back to some playing and recording! I’m leaving tomorrow “open” just for that purpose in fact. And to roast a duck. (I’m multi-talented and can do both simultaneously hahaha!) I think that Shylo is THE PERFECT dog for that family! Maisie – and our old Chandler – are proof that big dogs can still be cuddlers! I absolutely will have Maisie’s grooming done from now on, I realized several months ago that I’m no longer physically up for the task, and they can do a better job too! I hated being without her for those few hours but hindsight shows it was worth it. Next time I will plan errands or something while she’s there so that I don’t have to be at home missing her. We are thinking it is mice, and the neighbors say they are being overrun this year also – and they have 3 cats! The creepy little things aren’t getting into the house, and Maisie makes quick work of them when they do (happened a lot in the motorhome), this is a much higher quality home than our others so I’m hopeful that they don’t! We have lots of hawks and owls right here that hunt our property so if the mice stay outside they problem SHOULD resolve naturally! Now that winter is coming maybe you won’t hear the rabbits so much? Everything seems so quiet with snow on the ground! And finally, yes, we both slept extremely well last night…love you too!

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