I’m excited to add yet another page to my site in my goal to promote positivity! Similar to my Sites I Like page, on this page I’ll share the people and groups and businesses that deserve recognition for their excellence in what they do and how they do it! And also similar to Sites I Like, I will update whenever I use, or come across, someone who goes above and beyond the norm, who doesn’t settle for mediocrity, but whose results show that they offer their best!

(Please note that some of the former entries here have been moved to the Sites I Like page as it seemed more appropriate.)

Between all of us we have need of quite a few health-related and personal supplies. And Carewell is the place we go for them! From potty pads for the dogs’ emergency use, to our bathing supplies (we have to use alternate methods for showering) and many MANY things in-between, this friendly company has always been able to supply us with everything. Their customer service is top drawer, and their delivery times can’t be beat! Definitely deserve LOTS of kudos!

Soldan’s Pet Supplies is my first entry. A small family-owned group of stores here in Michigan, I will gladly drive right past the big chains to take my business to Soldan’s. Not only is their staff always friendly and helpful, but they have a huge selection of foods and supplies for everything from horses to birds, and everything in-between, in their large clean stores! I will always choose local whenever possible, and my 20+ years of buying from Soldan’s is the main reason!