International Cat Day – August 8, 2022

While I love cats, I don’t have one at the moment, and we’ve made decision at our stage in life not to get any more pets. But I sure do enjoy other people’s cats, and love ’em anyway. So it is in this spirit that I present to you a post in honor of our feline friends!

Of course, the Simon’s Cat blog has something to say about International Cat Day.

And I was curious about some breeds of cats I’d never heard of, so I found this page of great pictures and information!

Naturally, this led me to wonder what kinds of things about cats I didn’t know? Turns out, there’s a LOT! Lookie here!

Finally, of course, this site being what it is, I had to share a few memes I’ve collected. (click on the first image to open the lightbox and view the rest.)

I hope you are enjoying your best feline friends today!


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