Friday Fun With…Pareidolia!

I am going to do a few different Friday posts this month (and maybe beyond? depending on feedback) just for fun! I got the idea after a “toot” (Mastodon’s version of a “tweet”) from @Marbleturtle about pareidolia. This was a new term to me so I “neeva’d” (my preferred search engine) it, one thought led to another, and the idea for some Friday Fun posts was born!

If you aren’t familiar with the term, see if you can figure it out from the images – I’m starting out with an easy one! To keep it fun instead of frustrating, the definition will be found below.


But first, how do you say it? Well on this side of the pond, Pair-i-DOH-lee-a.

And now, the definition. From “The Pareidolia Is a psychological phenomenon that makes us see a face, a silhouette, a human or animal figure in any Site [sic]: in a cloud, in the stains of a toast, in the way the doors and windows of a building are placed, etc. Many people take the trouble to photograph these images and if you look at them, surely you will also see a face in them.”

Want to read more? Awesome Inventions has a fun page with more examples, explanations, and quotes!

I hope that you had fun learning something new today!


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