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There were a couple of real gems in this blog today. I would typically share links that I come across in my chat box but in this case I really felt led to encourage my beloved friends here to check out this excellent resource for themselves by writing a post about it. The Fellowship Room blesses, edifies, challenges, and comforts me every single day. There are multiple writers that contribute to it, so there is a lot of variety too!

Meanwhile, I did want to share a couple of the gems that were included in my reading today, if you check them out you will surely want to find more in this wonderful blog!

David Binkley, Sr. Gospel Minister shares his offerings in a great “verse in English – verse in Russian – prayer” format that I love. I don’t know if you occasionally have this happen, but there are days that I struggle, for various reasons, to pray. These prayers are a great jumping off point for me, though; after praying along with the posted prayer I can easily start talking to God about it, and from there I’m off and running! Today’s post is Mundane Requests.

J. Randal Matheny is a favorite of mine, the way he sees spiritual things and shares them is easy on my brain 🤓 and therefore very understandable to me on first reading (first of several, usually), and are usually the first that I read every day. One of yesterday’s posts, Fretful Mind, is a fine example of this. Typically lots of meat in a small space from this blogger, too!

I could share a lot of links from the Fellowship Room here every day. But I would love for you to subscribe for yourself. There is so much there that sometimes (on my “bad brain” days 🤪) I have to pick and choose those that are easier for me to manage and I still have plenty to read and consider…there are a lot of reasons to subscribe to this blog!

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    1. It is my pleasure to share what I’m inspired to write, and I hope that someone reading it will find the blog as useful and restorative as I do. Great site!

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