Coming Home to Maisie

I missed Maisie like CRAZY while I was gone, and Pete told me that she was depressed the whole time too. So I had big expectations for our reunion. He thought that she figured out I was coming home when he put my walker in the driveway (I use it go back and forth from motorhome to car), so she might have been expecting me. Anyway, here’s the clip Pete took of our reunion!

3 thoughts on “Coming Home to Maisie

  1. Sherry, I can see how Maisie loved seeing you but love how gentle she was with you…..both Chuy and Maisie looked sooo happy to see you…..know how much you missed your love bugs….when I was gone for a week….I really missed mine…..:-)…Debbie

    1. Yes, she seems to sense I’m fragile – or at least tippy hahaha! I’ll bet your two just about turned themselves inside out when you got home after that week!

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