Camping Weekend Update

We have a lovely spot! And the autumn colors are lovely here too, when the sun is out. We didn’t have a spectacular autumn this year, but we have seen – and are seeing – spectacular patches of color here and there. If the sun is out I will likely take some pictures today.

After a rough, cold night Friday night – apparently we forgot to switch the fridge from electric (battery) to propane – the battery was so low it couldn’t run the furnace and we had to keep running the car engine (which was still hooked up to Junior) to boost the battery for heat through the night – Pete left yesterday morning to go home and get one of his generators. Since he brought that, we have electricity and therefore all the comforts of home including the microwave, TV, etc. though we haven’t used either. But it’s kept the furnace fan humming and we’re staying warm!

Guess who stopped by for a while yesterday?

Casey and the grands spent some time with me while Pete was gone, so that was great! Bill, who was in the area visiting, also stopped in for a while. So that was even more great! Pete came back and he and David (pastor/friend) hooked up the generator. Then after everyone went on to continue their days, we went into Houghton Lake to Shakers, one of our favorite restaurants there, for supper. I once again forgot to take a picture of my wonderful supper but I had clams, onion rings, salad, garlic bread, and hushpuppies. It was a great meal but the onion rings and hush puppies had to come home with me, no way could I eat all that food! Last night Pete, who was exhausted, went to bed early, and I spent the evening at the campfire with friends. I always forget how much I miss hanging out with the girls until I actually get a chance to do it again! It’s been since before covid that I’d seen them so it was great too!

This morning Pete went to our church – we’re very close here, unlike from home where we’re 90 minutes away! and I stayed back to play my ukulele. Not feeling great, had a rough tachycardia night, but I always enjoy worshiping through music anyway. I brought my tenor resonator ukulele with me, which I hadn’t played in a while, so it’s due for some proper attention!

This upcoming week we’re going to be at Bill & Casey’s babysitting quite a bit, so we’d planned to go from here to the campground that’s only about ¼ mile from their house, but when I called for reservations they claimed they were full! That was a shocker…Pete and I have had a couple of long fall/winter/spring stays there in the past and never known them to be full at this time of year…but anyway we’ll be at another place nearby, not quite as close, but quite a bit closer than home. Then we’ll go home probably on Saturday I’m guessing.

It just seems a shame to spend all that time for Pete to take all of his ham equipment out and convert Junior to an actual traveling trailer, then for us both to exhaust ourselves loading it up for travel, and then only camp for 3 days. So while we’re loaded up we’ll enjoy some more time before winter. We’ve stayed a few times at this other campground and had a lot of fun in that area too, so we’re looking forward to that! We’ll move on Monday…

So that’s what is new. I have some video which I’ll put together for a vlog of our 3 days here, and post next week. Meanwhile, I have a ukulele that’s calling my name!


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