Aug. 26 ~ National Dog Day!

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of dogs…so what better way to celebrate than to post pictures of our own two?

Chuy is a rehome, some sort of terrier (JRT?) mix. He was originally an ESA for me, back when I was starting to get used to having dogs to help, and he was a natural! Since my stroke I get “chaos” in my brain that quickly spirals out of control; right out of the box, however, he would notice and jump to my lap, front feet on my chest, and look softly into my eyes while applying pressure to my chest, which calmed my brain quickly. These days, however, he is more likely to use his natural abilities with Pete, who, as a VietNam vet, suffers from PTSD.

Maisie is a mixed breed (DNA tests show she has a lot of black mouth cur foundation breeds in her genes) and a rescue who I’ve trained as my assistance dog. She works with me from morning til night, aiding and abetti assisting me with nearly all of my ADLs. She is BRILLIANT at it too! At some point I will post her story.

The Lord has never let me down when I needed help, and these two dogs are definitely gifts from Him! Click on one of the pictures to open the light box and view them one by one.

2 thoughts on “Aug. 26 ~ National Dog Day!

  1. You are blessed with these two beauties….love all the pictures of Chuy and Maisie…..also with both of them in the shot….God is good all the time…..:-)…Debbie

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